Created for hospitality business owners by hospitality experts.

Developed specifically for hospitality business owners to make their lives easier and to make their customers happy.

Help Amazing Restaurants With Great Customers - Deliver X Webflow Template
Help Amazing Restaurants With Great Customers - Deliver X Webflow Template
Help Amazing Restaurants With Great Customers - Deliver X Webflow Template
Happy customers
Restaurant partners
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Commissions on everything
About us

Our vision started back in 2021

When our co-founder Marina Prokoiosifi was working as a restaurant manager. While working closely with the owner, Marina noticed that the restaurant was paying thousands of pounds per month in commissions for online orders and table reservations. To make things worse, the restaurant had a website that got more than 10,000 visitors per month, but had no way to allow those people to book or order directly through the website. Marina decided to build a website that did everything for the restaurant, without realising how quickly Dinerly would catch on...

Our mission

Our mission is to disrupt the food industry

The more we talked with restaurant owners, the more we realised how much they are being taken advantage of and the more we wanted to create the platform that will disrupt the hospitality industry. Unlike other companies we don't charge any commissions, we give all customer data to the restaurant directly, and we build tools and features that support restaurant owners and make their lives easier.

Our journey

It has been an incredible journey

From a simple idea, to becoming the fastest deal in Dragons Den history, our story is truly remarkable.


An idea was born to help our local restaurant.

Our mission was to simply help the restaurant that Marina was working in at the time so it can withstand the difficult times after Covid.


15 Restaurants asked us to create a website for them.

Our website system was so good, that other restaurants in our city started asking for a website too. When we got our 15th restaurant partner, we decided to take this seriously.


We concentrated into making our product amazing.

We decided to quit our jobs and put all our efforts into making Dinerly even better. We were getting ready for a big wave of users.


We become the fastest deal in Dragons Den internationally.

We appeared in Dragons Den Greece to raise money so we can help as many restaurants as possible. As soon as the investors heard our idea and our vision, they invested in Dinerly in less than 5 minutes. This only confirmed that our product is revolutionary and valuable to restaurant businesses wordwide.

Our goal for 2024 is to help 1,000 restaurant gain back their customers, their prices, their marketing and most of all their independence. Join us in our revolution.

Our Partners

We don’t walk alone, Dinerly works thanks to our partners.

We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasnt for the amazing restaurants using our platform everyday to increase their profits and decrease their costs.

Customers - Deliver X Webflow Template


A massive thank you to the customers of our restaurant partners, that choose to use their website instead of platforms.

Restaurants - Deliver X Webflow Template


We would like to express our gratitude to the businesses and the staff that use Dinerly and trust us with their website.

Riders - Deliver X Webflow Template

Delivery Drivers

And a big thank you to the incredible delivery drivers that deliver the tasty food that gets created from our patners.